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Industry Leading RV, Marine, and Powersport Web Services

Merchant Websites

Having a modern website that is both mobile and user-friendly is important. eBait International understands this and is a top provider of responsive websites that work with both Google and Bing's Algorithms. We provide user-friendly websites that drive traffic where you want it to go resulting in more leads. We make it easy for you by keeping your website up-to-date and optimized for the next big Google update, so you are never left behind.

Inventory Management

We have some of the most powerful digital inventory management and re-marketing tools available. Our tools can decode with scan-n-shoot photography, increase brand and sales event awareness, increase time on site and lead conversions, and enhance sales promotions and lead source tracking. Plus our system integration makes it easy to implement other services all while keeping your inventory up-to-date and correct.


AdSharkTM by eBait makes it easy to create effective text and display inventory advertisements. Our system will create, update, launch, and deactivate the ads for you. Once configured, AdSharktm will do all of the work necessary to keep your Ad Campaigns updated. We also make it easy and simple to post your inventory on Craigslist, just set the filters and go.

Radar Local Directory Optimization

Frequently, your dealer's information on local directories is outdated or incorrect, but with Radar Local Directory Optimization this isn't a problem anymore. Radar is capable of scanning a multitude of local directories for your business's information and then correct the listing as needed making it easy for potential customers to find you no matter what directory they use.

Max AllowanceTM

Max AllowanceTM is our mobile-friendly system that helps private sellers connect with your dealer by phone or text. Our exclusive mobile phone app encourages private sellers to talk to you about their vehicle's unique selling proposition. We can target only published private seller listings that match the vehicles you need for your dealer inventory. You will be able to buy better RV's, cars, watercraft, and more at a better price while converting private sellers into potential customers.

SEO Campaign Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keeps your dealership at the top of Google and Bing search engines. We can track and help you find keywords that increase visibility for your website via blogging or one of our other SEO packages. We understand the algorithms that Google and Bing use and can use this to your advantage. See how proper SEO can make a difference for your dealership.